Should Christians Preach Moral Imperatives? Dr. Michael Kruger Answers

One of the human doctrines that I encounter the most as a pastor is the decree that "preaching moral imperatives is un-Christian" and "Christian preachers must only preach the gospel". I call this a human doctrine because it is nowhere stated within the Biblical canon, nor is it anywhere ever exampled in Scripture, either by …

A new book

This book is written by one of my professors and tackles one of the most neglected, yet central thems of Scripture; I can’t wait to get this book and start digging into it!


Some of those of you who know me may remember that I’ve been working on publishing book for a while. Well, it is finally published and can be obtained as either a physical book or an electronic book from Amazon (

The book is primarily about death and beyond, and is broken down into 13 chapters, for those who might want to use it as Bible class material. This is an important study especially for our day. 

There is a clear gap in the knowledge of the Scripture’s teaching about the afterlife due partly to infrequent teaching on the topic, but also complicated by multiple religious groups teaching myriad afterlife doctrines. And this isn’t just my isolated observation. In an article I’ve read since beginning this book, Dr. Allan J. McNicol noted, “In my teaching in churches I find there is considerable confusion about historic Christian teaching on…

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