Journal: Creating Our Final Outline For Romans

My co-minister and I have been developing our 2020 teaching outline for the book of Romans.  We began by comparing existing outlines from the Expositor's Bible Commentary, College Press Commentary, Randall House Commentary, IPV Commentary, and the Socio-Rhetorical Commentary on Romans.  Then we read through each section together and took note of the key points …

Living Hallowed on an Unhallowed Eve

Here are two Biblical principles to help us think through living holy on an unholy holiday

Bible Exposition

To any Christian who is trying to live holy before God in this world, Halloween poses a unique challenge because Halloween celebrates death and darkness, two principles that Christians are called to overcome through Christ.

Recall how many times Israel incurred the wrath of God because she abandoned her holiness and adopted the wicked customs of the world around her, yet many Christians ignore this warning by abandoning their Christ-centered distinctiveness each year to array themselves in costumes of violence, death, sorcery, adultery, and debauchery while enjoying parties that celebrate death and fear rather than the celebration of life and light that Christians are called to.

The clash between Halloween and Christianity is very clear: Halloween is often about darkness, death, sorcery, fear, and idolatry, whereas the gospel is about light, life, the resurrection, love, and worship in the communion of the Spirit.

One of the real and present dangers…

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